Rules & Protocol


EFFECTIVE – August 2018

The Club has exclusive angling rights to the following waters :

• MOFFET DAM / SILT TRAPS (ALL NMBM.) See comments below re the current status of these waters


1. Only paid up members are allowed to enter these areas for angling purposes. Temporary visitor’s angling permits may be obtained subject to the rules of the Club. See Addendum. Carry your membership card when entering club waters.

2. Junior members (8 – 17 years) must be accompanied by a parent/senior member when visiting our waters. Parent/senior member will be responsible for the junior member at all times.

3. No fires, firearms, dogs and especially no littering. No flora and fauna to be disturbed.

4. Access time is between sunrise and sunset. Members must leave the area within ½ hour after sunset.

5. No swimming allowed (except to retrieve lures, etc.)

6. Only club boats may be used on NMBM. waters. Float tubes and kick boats may now also be used, but no other private watercraft whatsoever. (except for Churchill – private boats may now be used)

7. When boating, float tubing or wading, it is recommended that a life jacket be worn for your own safety.


Sand River Dam

1. Contact Linton Water Works (0415063040) and inform them of your intended visit. A maximum no of 8 rods per day are allowed.

2. The gate is kept locked at all times. A key may be borrowed from the Chairman or the Treasurer or may be purchased through the Treasurer, under strictly controlled conditions.

3. Enter your details in the Club book upon entering and leaving. Vehicle parking only in the area above or below the wall.

4. Bass breed naturally and Trout are stocked. Certain areas are zoned for fly fishing only and have been signposted. New members have to commit to fly fish only at Sand river dam.

5. Three Club boats are available. Oars and rowlocks are kept locked up in a metal box. Purchase key from the Treasurer. Outboard motors up to 5 HP may be used.

6. No size or bag limit for Bass. Bag limit for Trout is 1 per day above 300 mm.

Upper van Stadens Dam (currently being dredged of silt and not fishable yet)

This dam is also situated in a Cape Pine area but can be accessed from the Culturama side. Keys for the top gate to enter the dam are required. This is the general Club key. The gate on the main road near the Culturama turn off is also locked over weekends but will be opened by the guard upon presentation of your membership card. When the dredging is completed, we will have our own key to all of the gates.

Bulk River Dam

1. This water is downstream from Moffets, but is not on Safcol property, therefore no special permit is required.

2. Bank angling this water, is however, very difficult, and only one boat is available. It is therefore necessary to book the boat through the Club Chairman (to prevent a double booking), before your visit. This does not apply if you intend to float tube.

3. Inform Linton Water Works (0415063040) of your intended visit. A maximum of 6 rods per day is allowed.

4. The gate, oars and pulley system are kept locked at all times. The general club key fits all locks at Bulk

5. Enter your details in the Club book upon entering and leaving.

6. Fly fishing only. Barbless hooks size 10 maximum are mandatory.

7. Rainbow Trout are stocked. Bag limit – 2 per day. Size limit 350 mm min. Catch and release is encouraged.

8. Outboard motors up to 5 HP may be used.

Churchill Dam

1. This large water is on the Kromme River 110 km from Port Elizabeth on the road to Kareedouw.

2. The officials at Churchill must always be notified beforehand that you intend visiting. Phone 041 506 7534.

3. Upon entering the dam area, report to the office, show your membership card and sign the visitor’s book. Report at the office when leaving as well

4. This is a bass dam, so spinning is permitted.

5. Private boats are now allowed, 4 per day maximum. There is no restriction on outboard motor horsepower.


1. Paid up members may invite ONE guest per day to accompany them to the above waters. (No children under 8)

2. The cost of permits is R35 for an adult fishing guest and no cost for a junior or a non-fishing guest.

3. The visitor permit can be obtained from Uncle Freddie’s Café at Rocklands and will only be issued to the guest if the member can produce his/her membership card. You may also pre-buy a visitor permit from the Treasurer or the Chairman.

4. The member MUST accompany the guest to the club waters and enter their name and permit number into the log book.

5. The member will be responsible for the guest complying with club rules at all times.