Welcome to the EPPFC website.

We are a Port Elizabeth based fly fishing club.

The EPFFC was formed in 1957. The club’s current focus is to manage and administer the trout and bass fishing our our club’s waters and to further to promote fly fishing in the region.

EPFFC Waters

The club has sole access to the following waters:

SAND RIVER DAM, which is situated in the Elands River Valley – bass and trout

Location : Lat 33,44,01 Long 25,06,01 – Size : 80 acres.

Spring fed by Palmiet and Sand rivers, flows into Elandsriver and then flows into the Swartkops above Uitenhage. This is primarily a Largemouth Bass water, as are all the river systems downstream. These river systems also contain populations of Carp and Barbel. Because of this, only the stocking of large Trout (yearlings and growers) is possible. This water is stocked annually.

BULK RIVER DAM, which is situated in the Elands River Valley – trout

Location : Lat 33,48,01 Long 25,11,01 – Size : 25 acres.

Also spring fed. Flows into the same river system as Sand River dam. First stocked with Trout circa 1960 and on an irregular basis until 1992. From 1993 to date, regular annual stockings have taken place, mostly with fry/fingerlings.


Location :Lat 33,51,15 Long 25,13,23 ( Upper ) – Size : 5 acres
Lat 33,53,01 Long 25,11,50 ( Lower ) – Size : 10 acres

Spring fed, situated near the head of the van Stadens river system. This system also has a population of Largemouth Bass and these fish can be caught in semi saline water near the estuary mouth. Because of this, the stocking of fry has not been a success, yearlings are preferred.

Reportedly first stocked with Trout in 1898, the first Conservancy stocking was circa 1961. Regular annual re-stocking commenced in 1999 after a break of 10 years. Only the Upper dam is stocked, the Lower dam receives its Trout from regular flooding of the Upper dam.

CHURCHILL DAM, Kromme river above the Mpofu Dam – bass (spinning allowed)

Location : Lat 34,01,02 Long 24,31,01
This is the second largest supply dam for Port Elizabeth, and is located on the Kromme River, upstream of Impofu (Elandsjacht) dam. This is a Bass water, with no plans for Trout stocking at present.

Note: Any visitor wishing to fish our club waters needs to be accompanied by an EPFFC member. A daily rod fee of R35.00 is applicable.